Dale Headshot

Dale J. Martin : Wildlife/Nature Photographer and Astro-photographer

Dale first became fascinated with animal, plant life and dark skies above in the great state of Maine where he spent his early childhood. Dale's appreciation for the natural world and a desire to show others its magic led Dale to develop a love for photography.

Dale spends many hours in the field familiarizing himself with wildlife and capturing their beauty and behavior in stunning images. His photographs display landscapes as well as wildlife, birds, and plants in their natural environment as well as the sky above. Dale does not alter or heavily edit his photographs, preferring to show his subjects as he finds them. His breathtaking images are a result of Dale's passion, patience, and hard work.

Mission Statement

This website showcases fine art photography which includes photographs of mammals, birds, the night sky and scenic places of North America. 

Photographing wildlife in their natural habitat provides an exciting glimpse into the fascinating world of nature and wildlife. 

I hope the photographs and videos on this website inspire others to help conserve nature and the habitat our critter friends call home!


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